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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  April 21, 2013 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> today, our "newsmakers" program with luis gutierrez. then the gang of eight top about immigration reform. then the senate judiciary committee talk about the immigration proposal. >> luis gutierrez and a member of the game of a working on immigration in the house. to reporters to help us with questions. >> this is probably an easy one. you have been working with a
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bunch of republicans and democrats on a proposal for immigration. what is the same in what is different about your proposal from the proposal unveiled by the senate earlier? >> i think the senate is headed in the right direction. they put it forward. i look forward to working with them after we finish in the house. the sameing to be on planet. alike 2006 were you had bipartisan comprehensive bill that you could not marry. be thatt think it will tha difficult. there will be burdens to overcome. it has not really change. it is interesting. i remember leaving an office in
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2004. you are going to have to convince the democrats to let us have a guest worker program so we can supply the needs of our economy. convince will have to the republicans to let your people stay. i do not want to be funny. so much is still the same. between becamof the chamber commerce. >> i heard the senate is working very hard to make sure their bill is revenue neutral and that will not cost anything from a cbo score. i also heard the members and not worrying so much about that. >> they are worried. one of the things we are attempting is to make sure the bill does not cost the american that they money and
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expenses occurred in the implementation are borne by the immigrants themselves. we want a rigorous e-verify getem, a system where you a job, 60 million people initiate a job every year. they go and apply for a job every year. this is yourem verified by the american government as being legally in the united states and legally able to vote. if the employer hire someone who does not go through the system, the weight of the law should fall on them like never seen before. there should be penalties in jail sentences so we do not hire people and documented in the country ever again.
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upt will cost money to set the verification system. we are going to set it up. that guarantees the american people that they feel we are not fooling around edges going to legalize american -- 11 million people. >> the house group has been reticent only sunday at the christian science monitor. you're not even confirmed the existence of the group. you issued a joint statement. what changed? public?you now are you under pressure to come with a more conservative plan out of the house in order to move forward? >> i think you will find a more conservative plan coming out of the house.
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the majority are republicans. within the majority there are many members of the tea party. look at the a ray of people -- the array of people that often move these through their committees. they are in charge. it is very difficult. i think the bipartisanship is you have to get a bunch of your s and she might i think you will get a more conservative. >> what might be more conservative than we see from the senate proposal? >> i cannot talk with specificity until my colleagues and i decide to make the pilbill public.
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downnot want to let them later on. ,e are going to make sure everyone is talking about triggers. the 11ans that the for million can go on the pathway to we have to make sure that we feel secure. i think we will be pretty rigorous with our verification system. it has to be implemented. be verified.s to i want to head in that direction, to give them a sense of confidence that that is what we're going to do. that whenknow somebody comes on an airplane that there is some kind of verification system to know there overstaying their visas.
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think those things are important. if you go back to 2005 when i introduced the bill, we have many of these same provisions in the bill. we are saying we're going to make sure that these things for happen before the other. but you know me very well. i have fought against deportation. when you wrote about the did not even call me. that is how was. he did not even call to see if it would make me happy. you knew. the read the article and said good. my point is this. myt has been the focus of missions during the past five years. let me say this.
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the internal security. it is to the border security. then 11 million people comes out of the shadows. that makes us safer because we know who they are. that will make us all safer. them in a safe place. we can do all the other wonderful things. they will become american citizens. >> let's be clear. there has been some confusion. when the president signed a bill, what happens to the undocumented population currently in the country and to the ones who have been recently deported? the senate has, agreed that if there is an american citizen children or a spouse that remains in the
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united states that when they petitioned for their legalization the competition to have a husband and wife return as long as they were not deported for criminal activity. >> that happened right after the bill had been signed? >> great question. the c-span audience to get the benefit of watching this program. seriously. the the president signs bill, he will have to take some initiative to stop the deportation. ronald reagan said if i am going to pass legalization program at cannot deport the people who will be the beneficiaries of the law. mean if you are a drug dealer or eight rape is to like it supports it, you'll be prosecuted in deported. i'm talking about everyone else
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was working in this country. the first process is to bring them forward. they go through a background check. once the past the background check, good. here is a work permit. go back. check with the irs. look at your income taxes. the iris is one to have a job in order to issue people and statement that he is good with me. permit. a work that is not citizenship. in the senate version is 10 years. they work hard. take sixn english, glasses and and should be to this country. theye end of the tenuous -- 10 years they can say i did everything required.
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aetna me now. then they will get a green card. the canree years in apply for american citizenship. a lot has been said about how long it takes. i am a permanent resident of the united states and i applied for my wife today, depending on what country it will take 9-14 years to bring her here legally as a permanent residence. i question is helping about 13 years. this whole thing about 13 years. a pack weight to citizenship that we do not have a two-tier structure in america. the end goal is what is essential. 1400 today. forcing hundred tomorrow that will be deported.
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-- 1400 tomorrow that will be departed. tomorrow that stops. what isa huge part of pushing comprehensive immigration reform. >> there is going to be a window between enactment and the beginning of legalization as long as detests meets the criteria. you are singling to proactively saw deportations. >> the president will be hearing from me. the thingsll necessary to bring it to the undocumented workers. this community? who are these people? 2/3 them have been here more
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than 10-years. a third of them have been here more than 15 years. i'm talking about american we are getting away from this silly notion that in america somehow we're going to allow this new system that will go out and pick up 11 million people. even the most xenophobic member of congress have never devise a money in we'vehe got the oil to pick up a 11 million people.
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they are working very hard fo. do you know they likelihoods. it came from hands of undocumented workers. isn't that time that we allow the very people who put food on our table? providing foreigners us? do we want foreigners speaking this? >> can i get your reaction to what we heard from steve king? the time from what happened now to this immigration debate. we need to be careful here of how we open up our borders. doing nothing but but allows
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american to be less safe. i want to make america safe. we spend $18 billion a year on our immigration enforcement. ont is more than we spend the fbi, secret service, and atf. if you legalize 11 million people you take a whole bunch of folks rise up the table. pilots to use the money to be smarter. i think comprehensive immigration reform secures our borders. if i can buy myself a driver's license and identification, a security we feel/
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feel? secure it do we if you hire someone that is not authorized, we will make that happen. are saying we are not going to tolerate a system that does not guarantee that people born in this country do not get the first crack at an american job. >> are you any closer to figuring out a cut off date? >> we are not there yet. in 2007 it was like five years. is 2 cut off date qualifies for the program.
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>> people are reading the papers and sank that is what i believe we need to do. >> if you been here before, >> you have to be here december 31 of 2011. when president obama finally responded to the demands of our community in june of 2012 and issued the executive order, if you came here as a youngster when she finished high school, we look issei from deportation. now she is the applications. you get a work permit. system you kind of want to put in place.
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>> this is tied to that cut off date. estimated 11 million here illegally. the senate bill also applies to some who have been recently deported. 11 million doe you think will qualify? >> they'll have to go through a background check. the obama administration has instituted a system. they are and other federal relationships that allow you to detain and poured the immigrants. the system is in place.
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imagine a lot of the bad actors are gone. iy of the future actors, would love for a criminal alien foreigner to apply for this program so that we can say you are a criminal and applied? a legal right to the house and deport you. we go right to the house and support you. >> you happen an advocate smoking to the spanish press. can you describe how you see the and their view of the bill? ?hat would you want to happen shall we continue with the deportations the report on every
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day debt is that what you want? custody byheld in law enforcement in the united we are glad to give you a work permit. the community wants to look to be in a safe place. but this is the kind of conversation of having four then -- we would be having in
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2004. permanent residence in the united states, i talk to them all the time. i encourage them. they are not american citizens. makingortant thing is sure that the system is still there for those who love and cherish this country enough to make a commitment. that is an important principle of we have. >> there is a theory i've heard talk about about your role in the negotiations. they believe president obama has no credibility with house republicans. they are afraid he is too happy to use it as a political issue against them. to are uniquely positioned be able to do this. you describe your role?
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should president obama stay quiet and in the white house? are there call sicken me that will not ruin this? -- calls he can make that will we said you need to go around this question and make sure that everybody understands what is necessary and to educate the american public about the importance and urgency. --'s some of it is decided you know some of it is decided to show to members of the press. the president had to call john mccain. he had to apologize for doing that. it seems like we gave him good advice.
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system was way the decided. i have hoped that it will be based on trust. i think we can share with one another. i will be with paul ryan. judge karcher is calling to the meeting at noon with the chamber of congress in san antonio. they are coming forward so we can have a discussion with the american people.
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we continue to talk about the flight -- the plight of the american people. he is playing a positive role. the president to be the sole leader and immigration, and that moment pass.
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in the ncis to sign the bill. -- they need him to sign the bill. in the future to make sure this thing, there will be hiccups. we are going to need him there. he is essential to this progress. >> alaska about gun legislation. about gunto ask legislation. >> i do not see how it will happen in the house if we cannot get it done in the senate. i do not see the house republicans allowing a bill. we need to get it done in the senate. i am hopeful. i do not want to put the burden on them. the members are in the minority. we do not control the system that allows for legislation to be enacted. if we could, we could get the ghost of vote to pass it.
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>> thank you very much. we are back with our reporters. what is going on and with this gnang? >> there are lots of questions about that. we know more about the senate than we do the house. all of this is fairly certain at this point given the makeup of the senate judiciary committee. the house is a lot more different. you have this gang operating there. they did not even acknowledge publicly that they were in
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existence, though it was the worst kept secret in washington. while it has blessing from house republican leaders to some extent, it is different for you have the chairman of the judiciary committee in the senate that is pushing. it is not exactly clear how these all the merge together. >> does this come up with ?omething that
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have very different versions. in a lot of them are very careful about saying i cannot reveal who they are. for have a legislative text several years. i heard they were having a little bit of trouble with one of the pieces involving a new work visa program. it has been a bit of an issue in the senate. in the end the would not be too difficult for them to put it out there. the only question is what happens to it then. surevery much want to make that what ever they put forward is the full consensus.
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we want to move forward. they want to make sure they are not ignored in this process. at some point there will probably unveil something. out is likelymes to be more conservative. bill hasely that this to gets and it in order republicans to vote yes? assume there is a benchmark that needs to be met. >> let's make this contingent on some reasonable benchmark. the legalization lisa happen
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relatively quickly. >> he said he would call on the president to stop deportation. he still calling on the president to stop those deportations. interestinga lot of questions that will be post about that. it is safe to say that once the bill goes into affect, the legalization will happen almost immediately. from there the system ship will be a decade or more down the road. >> the presence of: all of this? -- the president's role in all of this? >> he has been the biggest critic of the president on immigration in that.


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